Bombay-Style Sprouts


  • half a kg of potatoes
  • half a stalk of sprouts
  • tbsp mustard or sesame seeds
  • olive oil
  • turmeric
  • chilli powder
  • garam masala

Recipe Name

Bombay-Style Sprouts


This is a sort of Bombay-style bubble and squeak! Steam your potatoes and sprouts for a short while; they need to still be firm though. Meanwhile fry some mustard seeds or sesame seeds in a little bit of oil until they start to jump out of the pan. Add turmeric, chilli and a little garam masala to the oil and fry the spices for a few seconds. Then add your potatoes and sprouts.  Try and get the spices to form a crisp layer on the outside of the veg. It makes the sprouts go quite sweet. Add a little squeeze of lemon juice as you dish them up.